Minister Announces 5 Day Lockdown of Entire Northern Region of Sierra Leone

The resident minister North has just announced a five (5) days lockdown of the  entire northern region of Sierra Leone, which will start on December 24 to 28.
The minister said, on these days there will be a restriction of movement between districts.

The order also restricts movement of commercial motorbikes and vechiles across the region.

He said health workers performing enssential services will be allowed the use of  motorbikes and vechiles.

All trading centers  including gas stations are ordered closed except those with permits.

He says christians will be allowed to go to church and return home quitely after service on chrismas day.

The minister said muslims and christians will also be allowed to observe their friday and sunday prayers.

The five days lockdown is to help health workers identify the sick people in the region, according to the Minister.



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