WHO Releases Latest Ebola Figures; Over 7,000 Deaths in West Africa Recorded

Highlights of the latest figures from the World Health Organization (WHO) on the Ebola epidemic released today.

WHO says  the number of deaths for Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea has now passed 7,000 persons.

The organization records 19,031 infection cases and 7,373  deaths so far.

By country, WHO reports show that Sierra Leone  has 8,759 cases and 2,477 deaths; Liberia – 7,819 cases, 3,346 deaths; and Guinea registers 2,453 cases and 1,550 deaths.

The figures are from reports received  on 14 December  for Liberia, 17 December for Sierra Leoneand 16 December  for Guinea.

Other cases in the region include Mali with 8 cases anf 6 deaths. There are also 4 recorded infection cases and 1 death on U.S soil.

WHO decleares Senegal, Nigeria and Spain completely Ebola free.



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