Army Mutiny in Gambia; State House in Banjul Attacked

There is an army mutiny taking place in The Gambia at this hour. The State House in Banjul has been attacked by armed men. Some soldiers loyal to dictator Yahya Jammeh have  started defecting. There is a complete chaos. Pockets of Jammeh loyalists resisted the invasion, but it seems that the attackers have gained the upper hand.  Traffic to the capital city Banjul have been brought to complete halt. Denton bridge and other key security installations are in the hands of the mutineers. The ports, airport, Denton Bridge, Mile Two prison and other barracks are in the hands of the mutineers. Five Jammeh loyalists have been killed during the mutiny and dozen others injured. The leader of the coup one Lamin Sanneh have been killed.

In the meantime, dictator Yahya Jammeh is in France visiting. The mutineers contacted Freedom radio Gambia by phone by displaying sounds of machine gun. One of the callers, who refused to identify himself said: ” I am leading the operation,” he then hung up the phone.

We received four phone calls from Banjul, and all the callers  said they were on the ground taking part in the mutiny.  The State House has fallen in the hands of the mutineers.

Journalist Abdoulie John said he tried to reach Louis Gomez of the NIA for a foreign media he is reporting for, but Gomez cursed his mom.

Freedom Radio in the Gambia is broadcasting live coverage of  the coup.



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