About Africanist Press

Based in Freetown, Sierra Leone, Africanist Press is a publication of the African Socialist Movement. Africanist Press is an independent book publisher which aims to publish the work of emerging African writers. Africanist Press specializes in articulating the dimensions of African exploitation and the means of liberation in the 21st century via leftist critiques and progressive stances on African issues. Africanist Press aims to provide grassroots African perspectives and commentaries on events and conditions affecting the lives of Africans. Africanist Press also aims to provide a platform for high quality, front-line journalism on the African continent.


The mission of Africanist Press is to

  1. Provide books which offer leftist, independent, grassroots, African narratives to counter the dominant narratives of Western publishers and corporate media.
  2. Provide progressive African writers, journalists and activists with a platform to publish, share, and report their work and views.
  3. Publish critical theoretical and practical articles, essays, and books which aim to diagnose and remedy the causes of the continued exploitation of the African continent by capitalism via foreign countries and corporations.
  4. Provide common Africans with access to high-quality, informative, non-corporate coverage of the events which affect their lives through the utilization of social media to disseminate news.

The vision of Africanist Press:

Our vision is of an African continent where the narrative on African history, African news, and African progress is controlled by and for Africans for the purpose of the development and liberation of the continent and of an African continent where every African has access to accurate, non-biased, non-foreign, non-corporate information about the events which shape their lives.

What genres of literature Africanist Press hopes to publish:

  • Accessible, progressive, grassroots news coverage of events and conditions on the continent
  • Editorials and commentaries from African journalists, writers, and everyday African people
  • Investigative journalism articles and books concerning Africa
  • Leftist essays, articles, and books concerning the theoretical and practical dimensions of the exploitation and liberation of African peoples

Submission and Publishing Guidelines:

Africanist Press will accept publication queries via email at africanists@yahoo.com and africansocialistmovementisc@gmail.com . Africanist Press will consider both complete and incomplete manuscripts.

Africanist Press utilizes works directly with a printer which provides a print-on-demand service and thus will never require that any author pay Africanist Press in return for publication. Africanist Press will ensure that all funds earned from a published work which are not used for the purpose of printing and distribution will be paid to the author.

Africanist Press considers essays, articles, editorials, and book-length manuscripts for publication. All submissions should be progressive and aim to expand the project of African liberation. Africanist Press will provide editing, design, and advertising services for accepted submissions. Creative control of Africanist Press works will remain with the original authors. Ownership of published works will be shared between original authors and Africanist Press.


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