About Africanist Press

Based in Philadelphia, United States of America, Africanist Press was established in 2002 to provide grassroots African perspectives and progressive commentaries on events and conditions affecting the lives of Africans. We are a platform for high quality, front-line journalism on the African continent. We focus especially on defending media freedom, exposing corruption, and promoting democracy and equality.  In addition to our news media, Africanist Press operates an independent book publishing department that seeks to publish the work of emerging African writers, thinkers, academics, artists, and independent journalists.


The mission of Africanist Press is to

  1. Provide print and online media platforms which offer independent well-researched and high quality news and information about Africa and Africa communities around the world.
  2. Provide a voice and platform for the defense of press freedom and human rights across Africa.
  3. Provide progressive African writers, journalists and activists with an independent publishing platform to publish, share, and report their work and views.
  4. Publish articles, essays, and books which aim to diagnose and remedy the causes of the continued exploitation of the African continent.
  5. To offer a publishing platform for creative writing and artwork by African scholars and academics.
  6. To expose corruption, promote democracy, and advocate for economic and social equality across Africa and the world.
  7. Provide African citizens and friends of Africa with access to high-quality, informative, independent coverage of the events which affect their lives through the utilization of social media to disseminate news.

The vision of Africanist Press

Our vision is of an African continent where the where Africans actively participate in the production and circulation of knowledge on African history, African news, and African development. Our vision is also of an African continent where every African has access to accurate, non-biased, non-partisan, and independent information about the events which shape their lives. Press freedom, equality, and democracy are central tenets of our mission and scope.

Get Involved with the Our Grassroots Activism

We are also always looking for independent and progressive journalists, writers, and academics willing to help out with publishing, advocacy, organizing, other practical efforts. We do many types of impactful work on the ground, ranging from promoting food security, and climate justice, to economic empowerment and educational development. If you’re interested in working with Africanist Press, please send us an email with your area of interest and your contact information. You can also contact us via our social media platforms, including on WhatsAPP and Facebook.
Graphic Design, Web Design, and Media Outreach Help is Also Always Appreciated!