Contribute to Africanist Press

We’d love you to write for us, provide news leads and tips for us, or to send us your artwork and news photos!

What Africanist Press hopes to publish:

  • Accessible, progressive, grassroots news coverage (including photos) of events and conditions on the continent and amongst the diaspora
  • Editorials and commentaries from African journalists, writers, and everyday African people, especially those promoting democracy and press freedom
  • Investigative journalism, articles, essays, artwork, and books concerning Africa
  • Poetry and other creative works of art, including books, manuscripts, and shorter works
  • Progressive essays, articles, and books concerning the theoretical and practical dimensions of liberation of African peoples and other oppressed peoples throughout the world

Submission and Publishing Guidelines:

Africanist Press accepts publication queries via email at Africanist Press will consider both complete and incomplete manuscripts/pitches.


-Title your email with the keyword “Submission” followed by the type of submission (i.e. News, analysis, theory, pitch), and your name.

-Please submit your contact info and a short two sentence (or so) bio along with your submission.

Other Publishing Information:

Africanist Press considers essays, articles, pictures, artwork, editorials, and book-length manuscripts for publication. Creative control of Africanist Press works will remain with the original authors. Ownership of published works will be shared between original authors and Africanist Press.

Africanist Press works directly with a printer which provides a print-on-demand service and thus will never require that anybook author pay Africanist Press in return for publication. Africanist Press will ensure that all funds earned from a published work which are not used for the purpose of printing and distribution will be paid to the author.