Nigeria’s Coalition for Revolution Calls for National Day of Action on August 5th Against Corruption, Exploitation, and Repression

Press Release:


Corruption, Exploitation and Repression must be Stopped


The situation in the country for poor people keeps getting worse. While poverty continues to increase for the many, the rate of stealing of monies that could be used to improve lives and livelihoods keeps accelerating, on a daily basis. Repression follows in tow, to stop questions being asked. And those who actually work, waged workers are underpaid and overworked.
The masses are fed up. This is the time to rise up and fight to break our chains. On 5 August, 2020, Coalition for Revolution will organise a national day of action in commemoration and continuation of its #RevolutionNow campaign.

The situation of the country for poor working people was terrible when we flagged off the campaign last year. But now it is even worse. Every opportunity is used or created to loot. Agencies supposedly meant to assuage the lives of marginalised people like the NDDC for the poor people of the Niger delta have become conduit pipes for billions of naira.

Rulers in government bend the law and create companies like Mr Bola Tinubu’s Alpha Beta to steal billions of naira from states and federal governments, in the name of providing services. Even agencies supposedly meant to apprehend those stealing us blind like the EFCC, have themselves turned into means of fraudulent enrichment for a few.

While governors and legislators in every state of the federation receive humungous amounts as salaries and allowances, without taking their illegitimate self-enrichment into consideration, workers in at least a dozen states are yet to be paid the national minimum wage. And even some that pay the minimum wage either fail to put upward reviews of salaries generally in place, or have even gone further to slash wages, claiming these are contributions into COVID-19 funds.

Meanwhile, houses and workplaces of poor workers in the informal economy are pulled down with impunity. Tens of thousands have been rendered homeless and without means of livelihood as their workplaces are destroyed. Poor working people are not covered by social protection, while billions of naira disappear into several social intervention plans, which are actually “jobs for the boys”.

Enough is enough. We cannot let this situation continue. We cannot allow a few persons to throw the 99% of the population of the cliff into the abyss of starvation and destruction. We will fight until victory, starting with the national day of action on 5 August.
Onward forward to the masses liberation!

Baba Aye
Gbenga Komolafe

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