Africanist Press Expands Media Operations

Africanist Press has announced the  launch of a newly expanded media and communication project to provide  regular, critical insights and analysis into Africa’s economic, social, political, and cultural developments.

The new expanded media project represents Africanist Press’ expanding ambition to broaden both its online and print news coverage to include a wide range of issues in Africa, as well as other parts of the world where African people are located.

The new project includes the publication of a new monthly current affairs magazine, The Africanist Review, which is scheduled to commence in the fall of 2018.

The project seeks to develop Africanist Press online publications, as well as  its independent book publishing department along with an upcoming news magazine into a standard news and communication agency tasked with the responsibility of providing alternative coverage of the many subjects and issues on Africa and African people worldwide.

Despite this new expanded project, Africanist Press editors say they will still operate as an independent communication agency promoting a grassroots citizen journalism project aimed at presenting the unknown stories of the often marginalized and oppressed communities of Africa.

“This is a project in development  that aims to use modern mass communication tools to inform, educate, and organize oppressed communities in Africa into a process and program of self-determination and collective development,” the editorial team said.

The Africanist Review, the new print magazine of the Africanist Press, will be published monthly in the United States of America and will feature reports, analysis, interviews, and contributions from leading African journalists, scholars, and policy makers.


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