The Sierra Leone Investigation Series: An Editorial Notice


From  The Editorial Department

In the first two articles of our Sierra Leone investigation series, we highlighted the existing disparities in the national salary structure and how the payroll has widened since Maada Bio assumed power two years ago. We pointed out explosive increase of almost 45% in the wage bill in the last two years from less than Le170 billion when Koroma left power to a whopping Le235.2 billion today. We observed that this astronomical increase is triggered largely by the overflowing appointment of leading SLPP party loyalists into high paying administrative positions in the civil and public service workforce.

Indeed, we have shown how expenditures related to salaries of partisan compensation jobs, when aggregated across all sectors, accounts for the majority of the wage bill increase, despite government claims. Furthermore, we also briefly mentioned how the current government is elaborately using contractual appointments to pay party loyalists exorbitant salaries under the pretense of hiring consultants and advisers.

We want to emphasize that while the newly expanded wage bill has increased the financial burden of government, a major public expenditure burden has equally been occasioned by the numerous international travels by public officials, especially those associated with presidential delegations, and the more so by the frivolous, illegitimate funding of the administrative operations of the First Lady’s activities and campaigns.

Africanist Press, therefore, commits to the publication of subsequent articles resulting from our investigation into the ongoing economic and political crisis crippling Sierra Leone.

In subsequent editions of this investigative series, we will highlight the financial burden caused by the First Lady’s activities and operations. As stated elsewhere, our investigation in Sierra Leone was conducted over the course of a six-month period and covered the activities and operations of a wide range of state institutions, ministries and agencies, particularly the Finance Ministry, the President’s Office, the First Lady’s office, and the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC). In the course of our investigation, we acquired strategic documents evidencing financial transactions and institutional operations of key government departments and institutions in the Bio regime.

Africanist Press, therefore, commits to the publication of subsequent articles resulting from our investigation into the ongoing economic and political crisis crippling Sierra Leone. We remain dedicated to providing factual and uncompromising journalism and to promoting democracy and civil rights across Africa.


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6 thoughts on “The Sierra Leone Investigation Series: An Editorial Notice”

  1. Mohamed Alusine Conteh

    Thank you very much for your stance with ordinary Sierra Leoneans and bravo to Alpha M Bah you are always pro people.

  2. There africanist .you people have to gather the information about ,prison,tombo, 91,tonkon,Lunsa,Makeni masaka. The A PC office, con.110, for the boy Jackson was about to kill, paliament saga of parliamentarian MPs of SPC, the present situation in Kailahun, the APC rally turn to the newly president of USA and the office of the newly Ambassador to S/L political affairs department. You guys have to explain it properly to them so that they can understand the magnitude of those reports

  3. We love you Africanispress , we support your ideas in digging out the evils of our evil spirits leaders of our continent and our mama Salone..
    May the Almighty Allah keep guiding you and let no evil befall you. Keep to your good work, any treat let us know to deal with it.

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