60 New Ebola Infections and Failing Medical Services

60 new infected persons registered today in Sierra Leone; 29 from Freetown and its environs.

Kabala in the Koinadugu district recorded its first case today and several people have been quarantined in their homes due to the new infection case in the area.

Reports from the president’s hometown of Makeni say over two dozen pregnant women are left unattended at a hospital due to a strike by over a hundred health workers.

An ASM organizer in the town reported that “A 5 year old boy sustained a serious wound on his right leg, a guy working at local ebola emergency center took the boy to the Makeni governnent hospital in a Toyota Hilux truck. The nurses at the hospital had no gloves, they said there is no medicine to attend to emergency cases that do not have any link to Ebola.”

Health workers in the town went on strike this morning alleging that their risk allowances had not been paid.


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