Africanist Press Calls for Help with Expansion

The African Socialist Movement Communication will be expanding its online news coverage to include developments in other parts of the African world.

This new year – 2015 – we will be developing into a standard news website covering many subjects on Africa and African people worldwide.

ASM Communication is a grassroot citizen journalism project aimed at presenting the unknown stories of often marginalized and oppressed communities of the world.

ASM Communication is a project in development using modern mass communication tools to inform, educate, and organize oppressed communities into a process and program of unification and liberation.

ASM Communication calls on everyone to contribute their knowledge, skills, and expertise to make a difference.

Donate your skills and expertise to develop this grassroot citizen journalism project into a revolutionary movement.

Help spread the word about on facebook, whattsapp, viber, instagram, twitter, skype, and all other online platforms and forums.

Help us develop this project with your web design skills, your editorial knowledge, your expertise on news reporting and investigative journalism techniques.

ASM Communications website is currently managed by Comrades Joshua McDermott and Jessica McDermott with content provided by ASM organizers and contacts spread across Sierra Leone.

There is an urgent need to expand our reach and readership. This is the journey we want to embark on and we are calling on you to be a part of this expansion.


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