Christmas Message: 30,000 Children have been Orphaned by Ebola

We want you to remember the following as you celebrate Christmass and New Year with your family:

WHO says 30,000 children have been orphaned by Ebola in Sierra Leone.

2,000 Ebola orphans in Port Loko district alone.

5 million children out of school, majority from Sierra Leone. Some of these kids may never go back to school due to lack of support.

The Ebola epidemic has increased the number of teenage pregnancies in Sierra Leone; the victims are all girls of school going age.

Orphaned children often face stigma and rejection; they need help with food in the middle of this crisis.

The act of giving, sharing and taking care of others will be an important contribution this Ebola Christmas and New Year.

Two days before Christmas day, Sierra Leone registered 113 new Ebola infections: 58 on December 23 and 55 on Christmas eve.

Over 6 million people in Sierra Leone will not be celebrating Christmas and New Year.


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