The Human Tragedy of Ebola: Five Month Old becomes Homeless on New Year’s Eve


This picture is of Fatmata Fornah, a five month old baby who is homeless. Her mother died of Ebola four days ago, but Fatmata is Ebola negative.

Her mother instructed that her younger sister, the child’s aunt, take care of this small girl.

That was when the mother knew she was facing death by Ebola.

Unfortunately, her aunt’s landlord said the child will not be allowed to stay in the house and the baby is therefore homeless and now in a holding center.

Fatmata is an example of the stigma facing Ebola orphans in the country.

Fatmata, like many others, is an homeless orphan.

She must be saved!



Gambia: Coup Attempt Reportedly Foiled as Dictator Jammeh Speaks from Paris. Speech Transcript:


“My fellow Gambians:At 1 o’clock this morning, forces loyal to Lamin Sanneh, the disgraced former Commanding Officer of the State Guards, invaded The Gambia from Senegal in an attempt to overthrow its legitimate government. A group of armed men attacked the presidential palace and the Denton bridge military post before being quickly repelled. Four of the insurgents were killed and four more captured. Sanneh himself sustained injuries and may have died in the attack. No Gambian feels the aguish of this heinous plot more deeply than I, against whom Sanneh adds the sin of betraying a friend to the ignominy of high treason. Rest assured that the Enemies of the People have been defeated, and I will be returning from my state visit to France immediately in order to oversee an investigation and ensure that the perpetrators of this plot face stern justice.”

Army Mutiny in Gambia; State House in Banjul Attacked

There is an army mutiny taking place in The Gambia at this hour. The State House in Banjul has been attacked by armed men. Some soldiers loyal to dictator Yahya Jammeh have  started defecting. There is a complete chaos. Pockets of Jammeh loyalists resisted the invasion, but it seems that the attackers have gained the upper hand.  Traffic to the capital city Banjul have been brought to complete halt. Denton bridge and other key security installations are in the hands of the mutineers. The ports, airport, Denton Bridge, Mile Two prison and other barracks are in the hands of the mutineers. Five Jammeh loyalists have been killed during the mutiny and dozen others injured. The leader of the coup one Lamin Sanneh have been killed.

In the meantime, dictator Yahya Jammeh is in France visiting. The mutineers contacted Freedom radio Gambia by phone by displaying sounds of machine gun. One of the callers, who refused to identify himself said: ” I am leading the operation,” he then hung up the phone.

We received four phone calls from Banjul, and all the callers  said they were on the ground taking part in the mutiny.  The State House has fallen in the hands of the mutineers.

Journalist Abdoulie John said he tried to reach Louis Gomez of the NIA for a foreign media he is reporting for, but Gomez cursed his mom.

Freedom Radio in the Gambia is broadcasting live coverage of  the coup.


Breaking News: Coup Attempt in Gambia

Reports reaching ASM has it that forces loyal to Gambian dictator Yahya Jammeh are fighting to foil an attempted coup to oust his 20-years old regime.

It is not clear who are behind the mutiny and if there are any casualty.

Gunshots have been heard at the State House in Banjul for nearly 30 minutes early Tuesday morning.

Sources reported that the Gambian dictator who is currently in France for medical treatment is on his way back into the country.

Reports are that the Gambia Radio and Television Services – Radio that was broadcasting normal programs early morning is now off air.

Streets of the capital Banjul and the surrounding cities have been completely deserted.


26 Ebola Deaths and 55 New Infections Recorded Dec 27 in Sierra Leone

26 people are reported to have died of Ebola in Sierra Leone on December 27th,  and  55 new infections were recorded nationwide, according to official reports.

The diamond rich district of Kono is now has a total of 175 Ebola patients and 21 of yesterday’s new infections were from there. There were 18 new confirmed infections in Freetown yesterday and 9 from Portloko.

Kono reported the highest number of infections yesterday.