Liberia Holds Off on Reopening Schools

Liberia has delayed the planned re-opening of
schools, saying they are not not yet fully
prepared to prevent the spread of Ebola.

The schools were closed in July last year due to the Ebola outbreak. Authorities in Monrovia said they had planned to
reopen schools on Monday, but teaching will not begin until February 16.

A BBC correspondent, Mark Doyle says several schools he saw are woefully unready to prevent Ebola infection.

“They are lacking chlorinated water for
hand-washing and thermometers to check
pupils if they don’t have fevers,” he told the BBC.

Some schools were used as Ebola treatment offices or holding centers.

Liberia, along with Sierra Leone and Guinea, have been hardest hit by the outbreak of the deadly

In Liberia alone, more than 3,600 people have
died of Ebola.

But WHO officials say Liberia appears to be beating Ebola, as there now only five confirmed cases across the country.


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