Ebola Progress Suffers Setback as Cases in West Africa Grow

World Health Organization (WHO) officials said yesterday that the progress recorded against the Ebola epidemic during the first weeks of this year has suffered a tremendous setback this week.

WHO says new rise in Ebola infection numbers has been recorded this week raising concerns that the virus is taking a new trend in the region.

“The three affected West African countries have reported a rise in new infections this week,” WHO officials told the BBC on Wednesday.

Authorities in Sierra Leone reported 15 Ebola deaths and 21 new infections on February 4, 2015; the highest double digit infections for the last three weeks.

Health officials in the region could not explain the cause of the recent rise in infection numbers but a team of research scientists in France said they have noticed a trend of mutation assumed by the Ebola virus in West Africa.

It is still unknown whether the new cases reflect this trend of mutation but health experts say this new development is worrying.


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