The National Ebola Response Center (NERC) Releases 2014 statistics for Sierra Leone

The National Ebola Response Center  (NERC) has released a monthly comparative statistical data of Ebola infections and deaths in Sierra Leone capturing the last five months in 2014.

In August, NERC said  1,106 were infected and   388 people died of Ebola. By September, the infection numbers rose to 2,212 and death numbers rose to 532. In October, infections went up to 3,936 and death numbers to 1,070.  By November, infection numbers reached 5,978 and death numbers reached 1,549. In December, the infection figures came up to 7,476 and death figures reached 2,461.

Authorities also said they have so far recorded a total of 1,814 survivors of the Ebola virus. The report did not include what drugs were used to treat the over 1,800 survivors.

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